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Relax with IV Sedation


Relax with IV Sedation

Anxious about your visit to the dentist? We can help you overcome that anxiety with IV Sedation!


IV sedation dentistry works as a form of conscious sedation to help you fell relaxed during your appointment. This method does not put you fully to sleep, but it does make you less aware of your surroundings – including anything the dentist may or may not be doing to your mouth.  That means you can still respond to verbal commands or gentle nudging, and you should not need help breathing. Unlike other forms of sedation that are inhaled (like nitrous oxide) or taken in pill form, the dentist administers the sedation intravenously, which means through your vein.

IV sedation provides several benefits:

  • It starts working quickly and you feel minimal to no pain during the procedure.
  • The dentist can monitor your vitals and easily adjust the dosage.
  • It creates a period of amnesia, so you won’t remember the procedure at all when you wake up.
  • It allows you to cooperate for a more extended period, so your dentist can perform multiple procedures with only one appointment.


When you awake from IV sedation, you will still be somewhat sedate, as if you had taken an oral sedation medication like Valium.  You will require an ESCORT to watch over you for at least 12 hours after your procedure and you will be advised NOT to operate heavy equipment such as driving a car or make important financial decisions for 24 hours following sedation.

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